• Provide an opportunity for model rocketry enthusiasts to meet, share ideas, build and fly model rockets and mid-power rockets at locations in the Eastern Panhandle.
  • Support youth programs in model rocketry.
  • Provide mentoring support, launch and qualifying support to TARC Teams in the Eastern Panhandle and surrounding areas.
  • Provide support for hobbyists interested in obtaining NAR Level-1 High Power Certification.

Blue Ridge Rocketeers


Founded:  2013

President:  Frank Panek

Section Advisor:  Jef Fineran

Vice-President:  Vacant

Secretary:  Vacant

Treasurer:  Jack Zaleski

Launch Manager:  Frank Panek

Support for TARC Teams

What We’re Doing

The Blue Ridge Rocketeers will once again provide technical support and launch opportunities for TARC Teams in the Eastern Panhandle and the surrounding area. All of our meetings and launches are open to TARC Teams and their teachers. We've been doing this for many years and several of our members participate as part of the NAR All-Star Team for the National Fly-off. If you have questions about the contest rules or any technical aspect please feel free to contact us visit with us at a meeting or launch.

Blue Ridge Rocketeers

National Association of Rocketry

Section # 759

U.S. Model Rocket Sporting Code

Section Officers

Since 1959, sanctioned NAR model rocket competition has evolved into a proven method for challenging the individual to improve craftsmanship and flying skills, and to pursue a “personal best” in performance with each flight. It is an activity that emphasizes craftsmanship, flying skill, and sportsmanship. Any NAR member can participate in a NAR sanctioned competition, and any NAR section can host one. The NAR is the only rocket organization in the US that has a structured program of rocketry competition, that recognizes National Champions each year, and that sponsors a US Team in World Championships competition.  The U.S. Model Rocket Sporting Code, or “Pink Book,” is the official rulebook for conducting and participating in NAR sanctioned competition. NAR members can design and build model rockets for 27 different competition events, most of which are flown in multiple power classes. In order to facilitate a better understanding and appreciation of 'Contest Flying' we will incorporate one unofficial event at each of our Sport Launches. A prize will be awarded for the best score.