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Benefits of Membership

The Blue Ridge Rocketeers have an FAA Waiver for HPR Rockets to 4,500 ft AGL on the Owen's Farm launch site in Leetown, WV. At the present time, HPR flights are restricted to club members and invited guests with appropriate certifications. We have members certified to HPR Level-2 who are available to help you get your Level-1 High Power Certification through the NAR.. BRR members would be happy to get you through the design, construction and your certification flight. NAR Junior Certification is also available.

Our Meetings

HPR Certification

Our Launches

When:  Sunday, Sept 25, 2016

Time:    3PM- 4PM

Place: Michaels Farm Airport Field

                  Glengary, WV

We will discuss differences and advantages of single-use, loadable and re-loadable composite motors. Also, attending NOVAAR's Night Launch on Oct 29th,

  • The Blue Ridge Rocketeers  (BRR) is a National Association of Rocketry chartered and insured section open to all NAR members for membership. We are a new rocketry club in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia and welcome new members interested in model, mid-power and high-power rocketry, flying rockets and having fun.
  • By joining the NAR you receive 6-issues of Sport Rocketry magazine, a member guidebook and a 60-page 'How To' book on getting started in model rocketry.
  • Membership in BRR provides both newcomers and experienced modelers with the opportunity to meet others with similar interests and to share skills in model rocketry.
  • BRR  holds meetings, build sessions, clinics and launch events. Check this website for the dates, times and locations.
  • You can join our club by attending one of our meetings or launches and completing a membership application. 

Model rocketry is a safe, educational and enjoyable hobby that has been around since the 1950's

Do you like flying model rockets? Are you interested in mid-power and high power rocketry? Consider attending one of our meetings or launches. The Blue Ridge Rocketeers are located in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. 

When:  Sunday, Sept 25, 2016

           Sport Launch

Time:   1 PM - 6 PM

Place:  Michaels Farm Airport Field

Sport launch with motors to G-impulse. We will have a B-streamer duration contest - winner gets Estes Kit. Last Contest flight at 3PM.